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Tired looking for con photos? Just take a look in here to get links to photos and videos. This community is for posting pictures from furry cons/events. The purpose is to create an area where furs can link to pics for all to see in one place. Feel free to link to any of your pictures or videos from events.


1. Post one pic only and link the rest.
2. PG-13 material only, please.
3. No flaming others' pictures, please.
4. Have fun!

If you are interested in browsing picture sites or would like your own site to be linked, I will also provide permenant links in this bio for the site, just email a maintainer and we will preview your link before adding it. Also, don't forget to update us when you add new pics! :). Please make sure all pictures on the site are appropriate for all audiences.

Here are the sites:

Brace Bear's Pics
Fursuit Archive

In additon, feel free to contact the owners of the following sites and upload your pics! Don't forget to update us when you do! :)
Fursuit Archive